Simplifying My Self-Care

This past month has been so incredibly busy. I’ve been finishing out the school year and doing my internship, so I’ve been working 60+ hours every week. I always plan for summer ahead of time, because it's the season when things tend to go sideways for me. It’s warm, there’s a lot less structure, and my support system is typically more limited.

Self-care needed to be a priority, but I knew that couldn’t mean adding things to my life. I have no time already, so anything extra felt too exhausting. Instead, I decided to simplify as my self-care. I don’t know that I’ve gone full #MarieKondo but I’m really happy with the things I changed – maybe you’ll find them helpful too!

my morning routine

I rush every morning. I almost never wake up on time, and I almost always try to do too much. In order to simplify, I just tried to cut out all of the extra work in the mornings. I took showers at night, made use of my ponytail holders and three in one makeup products (the Fenty highlighter sticks will change. your. life.) and got my morning routine down to fifteen minutes max.

I also established a consistent wake up time. I know that sleep hygiene is crucial for managing my mood and keeping me stable but I’m still terrible at it. Waking up at the same time every morning (Saturday + Sunday included) helped me to go to sleep on time, and it also created a more structured schedule -- even when the day was hectic, I knew my day would start at the same time!

capsule wardrobe

I’ve been wearing the same ten pieces for the past four weeks. I have two kimonos, four dresses, two shirts, one pair of shorts, and one pair of jeans. It has been liberating – I know everything fits and looks good, and there’s no need to buy anything else because it probably doesn’t fit into my capsule.

Within a week, I started to realize that maybe Steve Jobs was onto something with the whole wardrobe thing? Probably. He probably didn’t have six pairs of shoes or jewelry for his capsule wardrobe, but whatever.

THE dreamiest capsule, ever


I don’t know about you, but Facebook rarely brings me any joy at all. I probably should have deleted it by now, but I feel like it’s good for posting things from Instagram, and for long-form posts.

For the past month, I've really limited my Facebook time – and obviously found that it was incredibly helpful. Instead of reading the news through the eyes of my friends, I was able to just check my new apps as I wanted, and I avoided all the comment sections at all costs.

Cutting back on one social media platform allowed me to have the brain space to address issues in person, because I wasn't so drained from all the chatter online. If you've been thinking about taking a step back, you should definitely do it!

I've always focused on self-care as adding things to my schedule -- adding a nail appointment, time to create things, or time to relax. But when I started to think of self-care as simplifying, it allowed me to have the space to be more efficient and get through my busiest month this year.

What are some ways that you’ve simplified that have helped your mental health?


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